Samantha Tucker is a Colorado native. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio, where she just completed her MFA in Creative Writing at Ohio State University. Sam has written for Ecotone, Bust, The American Literary Review, The ToastGuernica,  and the blogs at Brevity and Colorado Review. In second grade she self-published, wrote, and illustrated a biography about Big Foot, and then the author proceeded to graduate from the MA Nonfiction program at Colorado State University (2014). Sam's first collection of essays, The American Dream Starts Here, is ready for a publisher

Sam is working on a memoir. Sam is also building her social media platform with a really cool Instagram, @tuckersamantha. Sam is an over-achiever. Sam has also now decided she will soon start a podcast about the lives of graduate students called "It's Higher Ed." She'll podcast like no one is listening. Sam plays roller derby, because a person can never be too interesting. Sam loves Prince. Good job, Sam.


Samantha Tucker is represented by Katie Kotchman at Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

Sam is also represented by her mother, Susan.