Every Day Is

Memorial Day and so it does not bother me, your barbeques, Coronas and shots of Patron

He would have wanted, please

Worship the yellow and blue, blue sky/stop using

Service or Sacrifice

Like they mean something, like using one

Day is enough to remember any of them

There is a cardinal outside my window, bleeding red through green

Christmas in Spring every day is a day without

Living your fucking life is what you should

Do not feel shame for breathing, for earning time and a half, for being

Here where he belongs in the grass beside the charcoal, my baby brother

I’m a grown-ass man, Sam

Not a symbol to assuage guilt, complicity, ignorance, lazy one-day-a-year

Enough ten dollar words, move on, move on to

Meaning-making bratwurst, cheeseburgers, chips and dip on

Checkered table cloths contain the mess if you must

Feel bad

Bone Thugs isn’t loud enough.

SPC Ronnie J Tucker