Top Pandora Station Playlists of The Ohio State University English PhD candidates (List Rejected by McSweeney's)

1.     Existential Crisis Hotline Bling

2.     Time after Time is a Construct

3.     The Hamilton Soundtrack

4.     The Hamilton Mixtape

5.     The Hamilton Cast with Judith Butler and Non-Binary Friends: The Podcast

6.     Spinoza Me Right Round, Baby

7.     70’s Lite Rock feat. Gerry Rafferty and Varied Sax Solos

8.     Solange > Swift

9.     Foucault the Police

10.  Coldplay covers Enya covering Tranquil 12 Hours of Native Fowl and Waterfall Sounds: Naturescapes II

11.  Hip-Hop Barbecue


McSweeney's Response:

Hi Samantha -

This has a good beat and is easy to stress out over a dissertation to, but I’m afraid we aren’t going to take it. Thanks for thinking of us.



- - -

Christopher Monks

MIT Editor