Stock Phrases from Cover Letters/PlentyOfFish Dating Bios of Recent MFA Grads (List Rejected by McSweeney's)

1. The Art of Communication

2. Reliably self-motivated

3. Varied and eclectic experience

4. Teacherly

5,. Acted as discussion moderator/motivated participant

6. Finalist

7. Finalist

8. Teamwork; team player; team-oriented; teaming

9. Coordinated curriculum

10. Developed curriculum

11. Motivated to manage curriculum

12. See: curriculum

13. Joyfully co-led

14. Skills which translate outside of the academy into the private sector

15. The academy

16. Effective communication is artful (note italic)

17. A sense of humor is essential

18. Finalist

19. Diversity, inclusion, adaptive, flexible, mindful, diversity

20. I’d be delighted

McSweeney's Response:

Hi Samantha -

Certainly amuses, but I’m afraid we aren’t taking this. Appreciate the chance to, though.



- - -

Christopher Monks

MIT Editor